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Children’s Works Bio

Connie Kerbs, inspirational and children’s writer, says she is a most delighted and impressed observer of this thing called life! “The only thing more astonishing than witnessing all the marvels, miracles, and mirages that ever manifest themselves, is the privilege of participating in it!” Though, by nature she is a scribe, minstrel, and bard (writer, musician, and poet) she is first and foremost, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, and now a new nana -  to those she feels fortunate enough to call hers. 

Mrs. Kerbs is a self-described expert at overcoming, overdoing, and too-much-muching. She received top honors from the school of hard knocks, which she walked to both ways, uphill every-day, in a hail storm. She was then accepted as an Apprentice- Appreciator, all the while becoming a master mistake-maker - which is the best way, after all, to earn one’s candy stripes.

She has had several inspirational stories, poems, and books published. (See Works Published.) and is the author of Paths of Fear (FINE Reads Press), the first book of the Pebbled Lane Books Series. With several other projects in the works, readers can expect ever-so-much- more-so from such a write-y writer. Watch for The Hazel Wood Series, the Little Emmah's Big Friends Series, So Much Monkey Business, and other Children’s projects in the works.

An avid nature lover, she, her husband, and their unique family, (in size, composition, and especially volume), all live nestled in the forested mountains of the Inland Northwest. It is there, she can nature-fairy, muse, bard, and scribe to her heart’s content. Once in a rare while, she may even have some peace and quiet on the back 40 of their woodland oasis. Although she admittedly doesn’t always know what to do with it when it happens, she is so out of practice with it. (Peace and quiet that is.) 


Of course, when she is not busy mothering, nana-ing or otherwise-ing somewhere or someone, she is either being too big for her busy britches - or is it too busy for her big britches?


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